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The Health Systems & Response Connector (HSRC) pillar ensures all countries have the necessary technical, operational and financial resources to translate new COVID-19 tools into national response interventions to stop transmission and save lives. The HSRC pillar is co-convened by the Global Fund, World Bank, and WHO along with UNICEF.

There are currently 13 topic areas (work packages) within three work streams in the Pillar: (1) Coordinated country planning, financing and tracking (2) Coordinated technical, operational & financial support to countries to ensure translation of tools into interventions, (3) Health systems and workforce protection and capacity strengthening. There are currently 11 civil society and community representatives in the pillar, contributing to the work packages as well as the broader activities of the HSRC Secretariat. The participation and representation of civil society and communities on this pillar is coordinated by the pillar focal point, Carthi Mannikarottu, based in India.

For further information, or any questions, please contact:

Amanda Banda
Amanda BandaWemos
Angela Wakhweya
Angela WakhweyaCARE
Arush Lal
Arush LalWomen in Global Health
Bala (K. Balasubramanian)
Bala (K. Balasubramanian)Chennai CAB-NIRT STREAM Trial
Cintia Dantas
Cintia DantasAmericas TB Coalition
Diana N. Nsubuga
Diana N. NsubugaLiving Goods
Emily Wroe
Emily WroePartners In Health
Evaline Kibuchi
Evaline KibuchiStop TB Partnership-Kenya
Grana Selvi
Grana SelviWorld Vision
Nidda Yusuf
Nidda YusufSave the Children
Melanie Scagliarini
Melanie ScagliariniAction for Global Health
Soufia Bham
Soufia BhamCoalition Plus
Wisdom Kanyamula
Wisdom KanyamulaSouthern Africa Network of Prisons, Malawi Chapter

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