Civil Society and Community Representatives are pleased to share a white paper on community-based testing that explores the catalysts and bottlenecks at the heart of efforts to scale up this increasingly important intervention for reducing COVID-related morbidity and mortality. Authored by Brook Baker, the white paper captures the key policy dynamics / priorities identified by civil society representatives during our participation in the ACT-Accelerator’s Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pillars. 

Webinar (9 February 2022)

The Platform for ACT-A Civil Society and Community will host a briefing and discussion on policy considerations/dynamics surrounding COVID test-and-treat models on Wednesday 9 February.

The meeting will consist of presentations by civil society and community representatives to the ACT-A diagnostic and therapeutic pillars. Each presentation will be followed by a brief window of Q&A / discussion. The program will include the presentation of this technical white paper and an advocacy brief advocacy on policy considerations related to COVID test-and-treat.

Key Information:

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