Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response (PPPR) must be informed by the key principles of equity, inclusivity, and human rights for all. Ahead of the first high-level meeting in September 2023, over 100 organisations and individuals share a set of action-oriented policy recommendations building on the lessons learned from HIV, TB, malaria, COVID-19, and other diseases with pandemic potential as well as the role of community-led responses. An effective PPPR agenda must prepare for future pandemics but must also start with ending the epidemics that today harm the most vulnerable, including HIV, TB and malaria.

Over 100 organisations and individuals call for political declaration that addresses:

  • Community-based health systems and health literacy

  • Equitable access to medical countermeasures

  • One Health

  • Civil society & community participation and leadership in decision-making and governance of the global and national health architecture

  • Accountability

  • Financing

  • Digital Health

  • Synergies between disease-specific programs and PPPR