The Facilitation Council of the Access to Covid Technologies Accelerator (ACT-A) met on March 23rd 2021. The agenda featured panels discussing issues holding us back on diagnostics and therapeutics and what is needed to scale-up vaccine supply to COVAX.

Community and Civil Society Representatives to the ACT-A Council were able to make interventions during each agenda item. Peter Owiti called on the Pillar leads for Diagnostic and Therapeutics to collaborate better and work on a Test & Treat strategy for the tens of millions of people with mild and moderate disease, including long-COVID. Dr Fifa Rahman called for our response on vaccines to be transformed and manufacturing de-colonized and pointed out the lack of community and civil society, as well as low and middle-income country, inclusion in key conversations about potential new working groups including a vaccines capacity connector.

The livestream of the event can be found here – with several translations available and background documentation is often added in the hours/days after the event. Peter’s comments can be found at about 1h23min of the video and Fifa’s at about 2h10min.