Communities and Civil Society representatives in the ACT-A Diagnostics Pillar wrote to the Head of the WHO and others about the inequitable expansion of antigen rapid diagnostic tests (Ag RDT’s) use across the world with many global north countries regularly testing in workplaces, schools and even self-testing at home while the current WHO guidelines in lower and middle income countries recommends the use of Ag RDTs only within specific circumstances and do not provide explicit guidance for community-based testing with Ag RDT’s.

Reps urgently asked the WHO to:

1.     Issue updated guidelines with expanded use recommendations to close the yawning gap in recommendations in the Global North versus the Global South;

2.     Ensure that all members of the ACT-A Dx Pillar, including CSO representatives, have the opportunity to review and provide feedback to upcoming updates of the WHO guidelines on the use of Ag RDTs;

3.     Decrease complexity in language in the WHO guidelines to guarantee successful implementation in countries.