Transforming global governance: Where is civil society?

The Inclusive Global Health Institutions Project (co-hosted by WACI Health, Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN), Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), and STOPAIDS), Global Public Investment Network, ITPC, KELIN & Restless Development invite you to ‘Transforming global governance: Where is civil society?’. This virtual workshop takes place at 3-4.30 pm EAT on Tuesday 7 May, ahead of the UN CSO Conference in Nairobi on 9-10 May. 

With a focus on reforming the multilateral system, the UN Summit of the Future is an important opportunity to recognise and support the critical role of inclusive governance structures. One of the biggest challenges in transforming global governance is that the role of inclusive decision-making and governance structures in achieving better outcomes is still not yet universally recognised. 

This workshop will focus on sharing lessons on inclusive governance structures across different sectors and explore how we can ensure the critical role of civil society in governance structures is recognised in the Pact for the Future, Global Digital Compact and Declaration on Future Generations. 

Speakers include: