Following the recent nomination process coordinated by WACI Health, Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS and Health Service Organizations (EANNASO), Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) and STOPAIDS we are pleased to confirm the full-term civil society representatives to the Pandemic Fund Board. 

Global South civil society will be represented by:

  • Aida Kurtovic (Executive Director, South-Eastern Europe Regional HIV and TB Community Network) as Board Member
  • Diah S. Saminarsih (Chief Executive Officer, Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI)) as Alternate Board Member

Global North civil society will be represented by:

  • Elisha Dunn-Georgiou (President & CEO, Global Health Council) as Board Member
  • Loretta Wong (Deputy Chief of Global Advocacy and Policy, AIDS Healthcare Foundation) as Alternate Board Member

The Pandemic Fund Governance Board will be reset at the end of May 2023. The co-hosting organisations wish to thank ​​Jackline Njeri Kiarie (interim Global South CSO Board Member), Nitish Debnath (interim Global South CSO Alternate Board Member), Elisha Dunn-Georgiou (as interim Global North CSO Board Member and continuing as full-term representative) and Olya Golichenko (interim Global North CSO Alternate Board Member) for all their work on the Governance Board since September 2022.

Nomination process

The nomination process was launched by WACI Health, EANNASO, GFAN and STOPAIDS on 31 March 2023 with the deadline for applications on 6 April 2023. The process to identify Global North representatives was extended on 26 April 2023 with a new deadline of 4 May 2023.

For the Global South nomination process a total of 31 applications were received from 20 countries. For the Global North nomination process a total of 12 applications were received from 3 countries. 

WACI Health, EANNASO, GFAN and STOPAIDS were part of the group that led the interim selection process in August 2022 and supported the interim representatives in these first months of the Pandemic Fund and convened these processes as no individuals employed by our organisations applied for the permanent representative roles. Two separate selection panels were convened to identify the new Board members. For the Global South nomination process (co-led by WACI Health and EANNASO) the selection panel members:

  • Onesmus Mlewa, Executive Director, EANNASO
  • Rosemary Mburu, Executive Director, WACI Health
  • Anuar Luna, Technical Co-ordinator LAC Platform 
  • Lizz Otaye, Communications Consultant, EANNASO

For the Global North nomination process (co-led by GFAN and STOPAIDS) the selection panel members:

  • Katy Kydd Wright, GFAN
  • Mike Podmore, STOPAIDS
  • Jenny Ottenhoff, ONE Campaign 
  • Neil Vora, Conservation International
  • Alix Zuinghedau, Friends of the Global Fund Europe

The co-ordinating organisations maintained a conflict of interest policy by ensuring that no one on the panel, or anyone from their organisations had applied. The panel members were also asked to declare any work connections to applying individuals in the selection process.

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