*Please note, the Civil Society Alliance is an external network. This resource library is hosted by the Platform on behalf of the Advisory Group. If you have any questions about the Alliance, please contact Sally-Jean Shackleton, CSA Coordinator (email listed below)

The Civil Society Alliance for Human Rights in the Pandemic Treaty (CSA) is an informal, open group of organizations and individual experts working to mainstream human rights considerations in the negotiations of the “Pandemic Treaty” by the WHO “Intergovernmental Negotiating Body” (INB), as well as in related processes in the field of governing pandemic preparedness and response (PPR).

In this context, a priority objective of the CSA is the democratization of the process of formulating the Treaty, as well as of other PPR processes, by ensuring effective participation of communities and civil society organizations, including those representing and working with marginalized and criminalized groups.

In late 2021, some of the members of what will later be identified as the CSA agreed upon Ten Human Rights Principles for a Pandemic Treaty (see below, references). Rather than a final document, these are understood as a living document, open to further refinement in line with developments in the “Pandemic Treaty” process and within the CSA. The ‘Principles’ are currently sufficient “common ground” within the CSA, which doesn’t see a need (right now) to elaborate a more specific set of common ideas.

Diversity of opinion is a fundamental strength of the Alliance, and connection with it should not impede any individuals or organizations from pursuing their own advocacy goals.

CSA Membership and members

The CSA is a loose and informal group with membership open to organisations and individuals alike, who align with the Alliance’s overall objective of promoting human rights mainstreaming and civil society and community engagement in the ‘Pandemic Treaty’  process. Members can join the CSA by reaching out to the Coordinator who manages the list of members and sub-lists of working group members.

CSA Coordinator

Sally-Jean Shackleton, sallyshackleton@gmail.com

CSA Bi-weekly meetings

Bi-weekly CSA group calls on an internet platform take place on Mondays 16.00 hrs Central African Time (14.00 UTC). Invites and meeting notes are shared by the Coordinator with all members.

CSA Google group

A simple Google group provides the communication platform for updatesby the Coordinator and for horizontal interaction between members, as appropriate. New CSA members will be added to the Google group by the Coordinator.

CSA Working groups

Name Objective/parameters
Civil society engagement (a) promoting and (b) expanding the meaningful engagement of civil society and communities in the Pandemic Treaty process and governance
Drafting Revising, refining, & contextualizing the Pandemic Treaty Principles, considering opportunities to mainstream human rights across pandemic treaty provisions, and promoting the development of other material related to human rights standards in PPRs or related processes (see below: references)
Advocacy Promoting and coordinating advocacy around the ‘Pandemic Treaty’ negotiations (INB), including outreach to Member States and other relevant actors, and engagement with the INB
Outlining how the human rights principles can be implemented in the amendment process and sharing links between the Accord & IHR processes with the alliance

Refer to the CSA Coordinator for details and contacts

CSA Advisory group

  • People’s Health Movement, Dr. T. Sundaraman

  • Public Services International, Baba Aye

  • International Planned Parenthood Federation, Dr Harjyot Khosa

  • Harm Reduction International, Giada Girelli

  • Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), Cedric Nininahazwe and STOPAIDS, Courtenay Howe (joint representative role)

Status/last update: November 2022
Based on CSA Terms of Reference
Refer to the Coordinator for any enquiries