Since May 2020 the Platform for ACT-A Civil Society & Community Representatives (the Platform) – co-led by WACI Health, STOPAIDS and GFAN – has been supporting community and civil society representatives in the platform and advocating for and ensuring that every aspect of the ACT-A has reserved space for communities and civil society to bring their expertise, experience and voices to the table.

In January 2022, in consultation with community representatives on the platform, it was agreed to invite two community organisations to join WACI Health, STOPAIDS and GFAN to co-lead the platform and ensure communities impacted by COVID-19 are represented and included across all areas of work of the ACT-A. A call for applicants was put out along with a detailed ToR. Although the platform received a number of very good applications and interviewed a shortlist, there were some limitations in geographic representation and communities impacted by COVID, particularly in their governance and decision-making bodies.

As a result, it was agreed to bring on board a consultant from a community group impacted by COVID or representing people living with long COVID, to join the Platform team and craft a way forward for increasing the representation and participation of communities in the decision-making processes of the Platform.

The full terms of reference for this role can be found here.

In order to be considered, please submit a one page document outlining how you meet the criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference and your daily rate.  Applications are due before 17:00 CET on Friday 6 May 2022 to Wim Vandevelde at copying in Project Lead: Revati Chawla at

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please contact Wim Vandevelde at or Revati Chawla at