More transparency, accountability and inclusion needed in ACT-A – Letter to ACT-A Leadership and Brief from CS and Community Representatives

On Monday February 22nd 2021, the Platform sent to the major actors within ACT-A a letter providing details about the changes civil society and communities are asking for in order to increase transparency and accountability in decision-making to ensure the ACT-A is more inclusive going forward. We have called for a new culture of transparency throughout the structure so that if the ACT-A is to be legitimate, accountable and ultimately effective there needs to be a drastic improvement to the depth of engagement with civil society, communities and delegations from LMICs. We have asked for full transparency in contracts negotiated with pharmaceutical companies or research institutions, a detailed map of the current decision-making pathways, governance oversight and processes of consultation from priority setting, resource allocation through to procurement and deployment. We’ve requested civil society and community seats at the “real” decision-making tables.  In its first year, ACT-A has been successful in many ways – for it to really drive and achieve its underlying equity mandate, its time to be more clear, more transparent and more inclusive.


Call for Nominations – ACT-A Facilitation Council Financial & Resource Mobilisation Working Group (deadline extended to 10 January 2022)

The Platform for ACT-A Civil Society and Community Representatives are currently inviting applications for two representatives (one Community representative and one NGO representative) to the ACT-A Facilitation Council Financial & Resource Mobilisation Working Group.

The Financial & Resource Mobilisation Working Group supports the ACT-A Facilitation Council as well as the ACT-A partnership on finance and resource mobilization related matters and acts as a sounding board for budget and financial decisions of the ACT-A partnership.

The full terms of reference for this role can be found here

How to apply:  

To apply, please review the full terms of reference (saved here) and submit the following to by 6pm GMT on Monday 10 January 2022

  • A complete application form which can be downloaded here
  • CV/resume (maximum 2 pages)  
  • Letter of reference from the NGO to which you are affiliated (if applying as an NGO representative) or from a Community representative or colleague (if applying as a Community representative) 

A selection panel of ACT-A Community representatives will select the Community representative to Financial & Resource Mobilisation Working Group and a selection panel of ACT-A NGO representatives will select the NGO representative.

If you have any questions please email:


Call for a Community Led Organisation to join the Platform for ACT-A Civil Society & Community Representatives (deadline extended)

Since May 2020 the Platform for ACT-A Civil Society & Community Representatives (the Platform) – co-led by WACI Health, STOPAIDS and GFAN – has been supporting community and civil society representatives in the platform and advocating for and ensuring that every aspect of the ACT-A has reserved space for communities and civil society to bring their expertise, experience and voices to the table. Currently, there are 47 community and civil society representatives who sit across the 4 “Pillars” (Vaccines/COVAX, Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Health Systems Connector) and two representatives at the Facilitation Council who also participate in “ACT-A Principals” discussions. 

We are now looking for a fourth and fifth community organisation to join WACI Health, STOPAIDS and GFAN to co-lead the platform and ensure communities impacted by COVID-19 are represented and included across all areas of work of the ACT-A. By ‘organisation’ we mean a formally recognized community based organisation, or structured network, coalition, patient-centred group, movement or campaign. 

How to apply

In order to be considered, please review the full terms of reference saved here and submit a one/two-page document outlining how your organisation, network or group meets the criteria outlined in the Terms of Reference. Please note, this opportunity is only open to organisations, networks or groups, and is not open to individuals.  Applications are due before 17:00 CET on Friday 26 November 2021 to Wim Vandevelde at

If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please contact Wim Vandevelde at 


Key issues to be addressed in the updated ACT-A strategy (October 2021)

Ahead of the ACT-A Facilitation Council meeting on Friday 15 October, the Platform has shared a letter with the Facilitation Council Co-chairs and lead agencies of ACT-A outlining key issues to be addressed in the ongoing strategy development process.

The letter is supported by over 50 civil society and community organisations and can be found here.


Statement on the ACT-Accelerator Strategic Review

Over a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic and the establishment of the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A), questions about future pandemic preparedness responses are dominating global public health discussions.  The ACT-A recently undertook a review for the stated purpose of potentially extending its mandate until the end of 2022, primarily on the basis of an assessment of performance against stated goals, with the final report, ‘ACT-Accelerator Strategic Review’ published on 8 October 2021.  

The review was conducted by Dalberg, who executed the report in line with the Terms of Reference (ToR) with efforts to ensure the civil society and community representatives to ACT-A were consulted through interviews, focus groups and written submissions. However the nature and scope of this review developed by ACT-A partners has neglected fundamental questions and lacked adequate time for public consultation with stakeholders impacted by ACT-A.

The Platform for ACT-A Civil Society and Community Representatives publish the following statement in response to the strategic review.

The full statement can be found here.


Communities and Civil Society ACT-A Platform Long-term Consultancies

The Communities and Civil Society ACT-A Platform is seeking interested individuals for the following distinct roles:
● Project Lead (0.8 FTE)
● Platform Coordinator (0.8 FTE)
● Pillar Focal Points (0.4 FTE x 4 positions – with the possibility of Focal Points having 2 roles) Vaccines/COVAX, Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Health Systems Connector

Applications are due by June 23rd but please note that applications will be reviewed as they are received and interviews with selected candidates may be scheduled at any time so interested applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Please note that both individuals/independent consultants and organizations with staff expertise are welcome to apply.

For more information and how to apply visit the full job posting which is posted on WACI Health’s website:


ACT-A Communities & Civil Society Representatives welcome the re-launch of the Covid-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP)

The Covid-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP) was recently relaunched and community and civil society representatives in ACT-A released a statement welcoming the re-launch and urging immediate support for C-TAP. Read the full statement which includes key asks of manufacturers, donors and governments to support, fund and operationalise C-TAP urgently here.