International Civil Society Support and WACI Health intend to have at least monthly calls with the Community and Civil Society representatives in ACT-A to share updates and information with the broader constituency of organizations and individuals working on the COVID-19 response at all levels.

Recordings from these calls and presentations or notes will be shared here as quickly as possible.

Call – 29 September 2020

Links from the call:

Call August 6th 2020

Call June 18th 2020

Call Recording:

On June 18th, CSEM and GFAN co-hosted a conversation that was open to all interested civil society and community CSO’s, advocates and activists to share information about the role civil society and community are playing on the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator.

While most information is still very preliminary, the conversation provided updates on what issues were being discussed in the various “pillars” of the ACT-A: Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Vaccines and the Health System Connector.

Close to 200 people joined the call and discussion points raised included ensuring that there is opportunity from the broader community to feed into conversations in all the pillars and across ACT-A, ensuring that information is shared with global health CSO’s, advocates and activists broadly across many issues (including importantly those communities who are most vulnerable to COVID because of other health challenges) and importantly to ensure that in these conversations, civil society representatives include people living with or recovered from COVID-19 at the centre of the response.